Ultra Solid and the Solid Acreage Movement

The authors’ design company Ultra Solid was born with the idea to harness our current economic system in order to propose alternative ways to use capital; better said, to optimize capital to the benefit of nature and future generations. Ultra Solid was created as a support and finance tool with the Solid Acreage Movement in mind. We think in centuries. The work to which we have set ourselves is free thought and the expansion of the mind in harmony with nature and its systems to preserve the diversity of life on this planet for future generations. To analyse the current trends in mass extinctions, pollution, habitat loss, soil and water degradation as well as to find tools and multipliers to help us push against the trend or, hopefully, even reverse it. In contrast to other initiatives in the field of nature preservation and eduction, we do not rely on public funding nor complicated bureaucratic governmental processes: we are self financed and independent. Our model is scalable and imagined for different scenarios. We will show in the following annex of research that highlights the general truth about the main most pressing dangers facing our European ecosystem and how we, as the people living in Europe, can act individually to prevent these collectively. We apply a positive mindset in dissecting this information, relying on rational thought and multiple sources to come to our conclusions. Fields of too high contradiction in studies or known social polarity we leave out in order to attract a maximum range of participants, as “the more, the better” never was more true as in the field of nature preservation and positive action. In addition to the research and concluding Solid Acreage Movement, we want to spur action, starting ourselves with a small area of land as a case study and lighthouse for others to follow and join.

Solid Acreage Reserve

A place of Introspection and connection with nature in deeper ways, expanding mind and body, form and design, for individuals of all faiths and thought. A place of non-invasive observation and coexistence with nature.