We are ULTRA SOLID, a cross disciplinary collective built on equitable contribution, collaboration, and co-creation. We are ULTRA: beyond, transcending, extreme, extraordinary. We are SOLID: stable, strong, resistant, whole. We value natural harmony, circularity, knowledge. We respect materials and their co-existence within both the natural and artificial worlds striving to showcase and preserve the highest standards of manufacturing available to us at this time on a global scale. We approach design from a scientific rather than subjective aesthetic. We envision our designs as timeless lighthouses to build and preserve what we as humans are capable of creating in our lifetime for later generations: a 10 year project, 1 volume per year, 1 material per volume, 10 pieces per volume, 10 multiples per piece. We harness the powers of Sacred Geometry, the Golden Ratio, and the Number 10. We advocate for People, Planet, Profit, and Purpose as equal actors in the Quadruple Bottom Line business model. We aim to educate and enlighten ourselves, our audience, our community.